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What do the Irish know about hot sauce?

One taste and you'll know.

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This blog is used for random thoughts and quips from the Angry Irishman himself.  Sometimes serious, most times not!  

Captain's Blog November 7th, 2015

By angryirishm901770, Nov 7 2015 08:49PM

The world is an AWESOME place, when one takes enough time to sit back and enjoy creation! Foods from all over the globe are now easier to access and be accepted by "American palates". One rule remains key: FLAVOR! Don't have to be the hottest sauce in the world, just have to taste the best! And that's exactly what you'll find with Angry Irishman products! Hope you enjoy our website and products, thanks for stopping by!

Talk soon!

Angry Irishman

My Pops and Brother in law making the sauce!!!
My Pops and Brother in law making the sauce!!!
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