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Celebrity Chef-Dzia's Irish Pub!!! Super Bowl Sunday 2.7.16

By angryirishm901770, Feb 6 2016 01:25AM


I, the Angry Irishman, Kevin Mackey, will be a "Celebrity Chef" @ Dzia's Irish Pub in Toledo, Ohio on Super Bowl Sunday (February 7, 2016) from 5 p.m 'til they run out of things for me to do!

We've created our own small speciality menu, and have attached it for your viewing pleasure! Everything from appetizers to entrees, all with the Angry Irishman flavor!

For those who like flavor with their heat, as well as a great atmosphere to watch the BIG GAME, this is the place to be! Who'd a thunk 50 years ago, that the Angry Irishman would be cooking for the Super Bowl, certainly not me, wasn't born yet! LOL!

Hope to see you all there!! We would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Mike and Chelle Zoltanski for the opportunity to invade their kitchen for a few hours and create some culinary masterpieces with Angry Irishman!

Peace out! (mic drop)

The Angry Irishman

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