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End of the Summer....

By angryirishm901770, Oct 23 2016 10:10PM

Summer has drawn to a close, and the leaves are starting to turn their beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. So does that mean that the Angry Irishman hiberates all Winter? Oh contraire, mon frere!

Now is the time that we at Angry Irishman start creating more products, preparing for next Spring! These products include:

BBQ Sauces (4 in total)

Fruit based hot sauces

And possibly, a couple more dry rubs......... just because we're feeling a little squirrely!

So as you and your family enjoy these crisp nights and we head into winter, nothing goes better with your dinnners than a little Angry Irishman!

Enjoy your Fall, peace y'all!

The Angry Irishman

Oct 23 2016 11:13PM by Mark Gray

Please let me no when all these new produce is available

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