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March Madness

By angryirishm901770, Mar 3 2016 11:40PM

Oh my! What busy time we've been having. Plotting, planning, creating, and designing. I hope as you are reading this, you are all sitting down, because we are looking at having no fewer that 5, that's right, I said 5 NEW PRODUCTS out by April 2016. Can you say WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?!? The wheels of business sometimes turn slowly, but that doesn't mean we're not here working diligently trying to come up with the flavors and best labels to complete our products for you, our valued fans!!!

Please stay tuned, as with each product launch, we will keep you updated! For anyone in Louisiana or New York, we will see you in April at either the Louisiana Hot Sauce Fest, or the New York Hot Sauce Expo! You know it's gonna be GOOD!!

Have we failed to disappoint you yet?!?!?

Peace out and much love,

The Angry Irishman

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