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What do the Irish know about hot sauce?

One taste and you'll know.

Woodville, OH


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Order Angry Irishman Online


*Angry Irishman®Hot Sauce

A blend of fresh Habaneros

& fresh Jalapenos, FLAVOR + HEAT!!

*Angry Irishman® Chipotle Sauce

A taste of the smoky Southwest with a bite of


*Angry Irishman® Gob Waterin'

Rib Rub

 A dry rub formulated for Pork, Chicken, Shrimp,      & Fish, but also great on a Burger!                                                                                   

*Angry Irishman® Red Aye Rub

A bold rub infused with Coffee for Steaks, Beef,

Brisket, & Venison!

*Angry Irishman® Hot Mustard

High Grade Mustard mixed with our own Angry  Irishman® Hot Sauce! Great on Brats, Burgers,

or mix into Potato Salad!

*Angry Irishman® Chipotle Mustard

High Grade Mustard mixed with our own Angry  Irishman® Chipotle Sauce! Great on Hot Dogs,

a Soft Pretzel, or mix into deviled eggs!


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*Angry Irishman® WHY???? Sauce

EXTREME HEAT & FLAVOR-Bhut Jolikia, Trinidad Scorpion & Carolina Reaper make this a sauce that's not for the weak at heart!!  

*Angry Irishman® Finishing Sauce

A sweet finishing sauce made with lager.  Great on chicken, pork, even a burger or meatloaf!!


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